Website Development

The skill is to build a website that is Search Engine Optimised from the start, has all the functionality that a client needs but most importantly is engaging and simple to use for the end users.

What type of Website do you require?

Types to choose from:

Websites generally are of 5 different types, different businesses require different types of websites based on their e-journey.  Jumping straight  to a multi-thousand website is not always the best strategy, businesses build their web portfolio over months and years.

1. Static websites: Simple websites that are great for information, these would be classed as budget websites, as a website with about 20-50 pages, picture galary and a few special features would generally be sub £500. Ideal for driving customers to your website, allowing customers to interact via email, contact box or phone. Content on these website changes rarely, although changes and prices or a simple blog can make the website more appealing to search engines and consumers alike.

2. Dynamic websites: Database driven dynamic websites can be complex and costly, but absolutely essential for the right business. These can be either intranet (internal use only) or internet website, bespoke solutions, widgets, API's, audio/ video content, with defined user access.

3. Content managed websites: This is a refinement of the dynamic websites, with generally a higher security for authorised users only. These also involve cloud based databases for multi-access. Allows clients to have much higher backend control using the a bespoke interface

4. eCommerce websites: An eCommerce website is a dynamic website which has the functionality to process financial transactions, stock control, CRM and other eCommerce features.

5. Flash websites: Flash is proprietary software developed by Macromedia which is used to generate complex animations, for our types of business generally to be avoided (we've recently stop adding any flash to our websites, all our websites are HTML5 compliant for ease of use and access).

No website is too big or too small and we aim to cater for all budgets, helping businesses on their e-journey.

Just building a website is not either here nor there, because a great deal of other work known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has to be administered to rise up the rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, unfortunately all this SEO activity is not cheap and hence like a car, just buying it is not enough, a lot more expense has to be occurred regularly. 

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