Google Analytics

"What doesn't get measured doesn't get fixed"

The power of Analytics

Google Analytics 5 is probably the most complex part of Google's repertoire of products in the market, but without a doubt it's the most powerful tool around, giving users insight into consumer behaviours whilst on website. This free service offered by Google is a valuable tool in the right hand, and we specialise in the integration, training and development of Google analytics within your website.

What can Google Analytics do?

Although this is not an exhaustive list, this should be enough to demonstrate the power of Google Analytics as a tool:

  • Audience: All the real questions answered in one place, who came to the website? was that their first time or are they returning? which Country/ City they came from? How many visitors came to my website?  how much time they spent? what pages they visited? when did they leave the website? which page did they exist he website? What device were the visitors using (PC/ Mobile/ Tablet)? What operating system (Windows, Apple), What search engine? The essence of this is that every visitor and all data related to all visitors and their behaviours are aggregated in a Google Analytics for absolutely free.
  • Acquisition: The real question that everyone needs to ask is, what made some land on your website? how did you acquire that customer? Customers can come from many different avenues, but generally they consist of 5 key routes: 1. Organic (coming from Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc) 2. Referrals ( from other websites) 3. Direct, where users type your websites URL ( in the search bar. 4. Social (facebook, twitter,etc). 5. Paid Searches, like Google Ads ( previously known as Google Adwords) , Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • Conversion: Each website has key objectives, like signing up to a news letter, getting in contact, making a purchase, etc. As part of Google Analytics Integration, we can agree your business objectives on your website and track those events each time they happen on the website

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